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Nullarbor Couch….. Week By Week

Instant Turf Review – The Green Centre


Lawn Solutions

…Previously known as Santa Ana Couch…

These pictures show the progress of how a drought tolerant turf loses colour during Winter

With the warmer weather, the grass becomes lush and green as it comes out of dormancy

In the above example, prior to installation, the instant lawn had overheated on a 40 degree day and overnight the temperature and humidity were also very high.

Despite this, we took photos to show you the progress of this affordable, fine leaf hybrid couch grass which grows to a lush green lawn.

Nullarbor Couch

If you would like further information or to place an order call 9331-5300 or click here.

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Sir Walter Buffalo Instant Lawn

Melbourne’s Most Popular Drought Tolerant Instant Turf

The Green Centre  in affiliation with Lawn Solutions Australia is a certified reseller of Sir Walter Buffalo and will provide a Certificate of Authenticity on purchase.

Sir Walter Buffalo No.1                   Lawn Solutions Australia

As seen below, Sir Walter Buffalo is a creeping grass that moves over the surface making it easy to edge. It’s not as invasive as other varieties of grass such as Kikuyu or Couch.  Sir Walter loves both the sun and is shade tolerant, and is at it’s best with a minimum of 3 hours sunlight each day.

SWB Runners Oct

SWB Runners Oct

It may lose some colour in the winter, though this will improve with age.

Installation is recommended from September through to May. This picture shows the loss of colour coming out of Winter.



A good water once a week is generally enough, however in extreme conditions it may need extra. During the winter months Sir Walter rarely needs irrigation.

For the healthiest lawn fertilise at the start of each season with Sir Walter Fertiliser.


SWB Runners

SWB Runners


The Quick Facts:

  • Root System:  Above ground runners, not very deep rooting.
  • Runners:  Above ground runners, easy to edge.
  • Drought Tolerant: Yes, very
  • Colour:  A lighter shade of green, almost lime
  • Sun ‘v’ Shade:  Great in both, needs a few hours of sun minimum
  • Leaf type:  Keep around 40mm long, 8-10mm wide blade.
  • Self-Repairing:  Yes
  • Cool or Warm Season:  Warm Season



Instant Turf Samples

The Green Centre – Instant Lawn

Spring is a great time to lay your turf. As you are probably aware, the buffalo & couch type grasses go dormant during winter, but they are now coming out of their dormant phase and ‘greening up’ nicely. If you wait until March/April, you will find that the weather will be too cold for the turf to establish well. Drought tolerant turfs prefer the warmer weather.

Like all grasses, instant turf requires cutting. As you can see here are some before and after photos of our instant turf samples. Please feel free to drop in anytime from Monday to Saturday 8am – 3pm, Stadium Drive, Keilor Park to view our samples in person.

As the warmer weather is upon us, it is a good idea to de-thatch Couch grasses. This means that each time you mow (over the course of 3 cuttings) you lower the blade a little each time. This will give your grass a chance to re-generate and have fresh new growth by removing the prickly dead pieces of grass that have accumulated during the winter months.

For further information please call 9331-5300.


Instant Turf Review – Drought Tolerant Turfs

Turf Samples

Here is a picture of our instant turf samples. As you can see, we have let them grow throughout Winter without any maintenance.

The drought tolerant turfs usually lose colour during winter. As you can see, the samples are still retaining their color quite well even though we are well into September.

 A couple of ideas to reduce colour loss prior to the Winter season:

1.  Top dress turf with Turf Loam soil to level out areas and dips.

2.  Do not cut the grass once the colder weather is approaching.

Turf Availability as at today…

RTF Tall Fescue is $100%

Nullarbor Couch Legend oversown with Rye is 100%

Drought Tolerant Turfs

Sir Walter Buffalo is currently at 80% colour

Nullarbor Couch Legend is 60% colour

Nullarbor Couch is $70% colour

Eureka Kikuyu Premium VG is 70%

For those of you wanting to install a drought tolerant turf, the best time to install it is once we have had 3 weeks of warmer weather (approx 24degrees).

It you would like a quote or have any queries, please call 9331-5300.


Rhizomatous Tall Fescue (RTF)

This is a self-repairing fescue, a favourite because of its lush green appearance all year around.

A major benefit is you can install this turf at any time during the year.


Common blade type of grass – no runners to invade. Spreads by seed.

Is self-repairing due to small underground rhizomes.

This turf requires more regular watering than other drought tolerant varieties.





Winter Dormancy

All buffalo, kikuyu & couch varieties of grass are now dormant due to the colder weather.

It is best to wait until the warmer weather of Spring to order and lay your turf to get the best results.


Instant Turf Samples – Top Dressing

Top Dressing Your Instant Lawn

Now that the weather is finally starting to warm up, all of our turf varieties are ready to roll out.

After winter you may find that your turf is in need of some T.L.C. you will find that top-dressing with our Turf Loam soil will help to even out the level of your grass giving it the chance to regenerate and thrive.

In November, I took the time to top-dress our turf samples as they were lacking some soil in areas, particularly the Kikuyu which hardly had any soil at all and the drough tolerant varieties.

Turf Samples 25.11.13 Turf Samples 18.12.13
Turf Samples 25.11.13

This slideshow clearly shows the difference that a month of growth in the warmer weather makes. Give us a call at The Green Centre if you have any queries or wish to discuss types of turf available.

If you wanted to have a look at the samples in person, we are open through the week until 4pm and until 3pm on Saturdays.

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The Green Centre Instant Turf Samples


New Turf Samples at The Green Centre

As you can see we have received new samples from the Turf Farm. This gives a really good indication of what the turf will look like at this time of year.

Now that Spring is here, the warmer weather will start to pick up and the winter dormant turfs such as Sir Walter Buffalo, all Couch grasses and Kikuyu will start to grow. These drought tolerant grasses need at least 3 weeks of warmer weather before they will start growing again.

As you can see from these samples, the grasses are ‘greening up’  nicely.

*NB: Wintergreen Couch is being discontinued.

Here is a recent testimonial received from one of our supply and install customers:


Just want to know that we purchased instant turf from you and Anthony/Frank installed it for us.

It looks AMAZING !!

Thank you so much for your assistance – delighted with the job they did and they managed to install for us at short notice which was greatly appreciated coz it is for a house sale.

Just wanted to send you a thank you email.



Instant Turf Availability

The Green Centre can order and install Instant Turf for you…..

If you are thinking of buying instant turf give us a call on 9331-5300. We will be able to organise you an itemised quote.

We have been experiencing warmer weather. What this means is that the turfs that are dormant during winter including all buffalo, kikuyu & couch varieties of grass will now start to come out of their dormant phase.

Only a few more weeks and these turfs will be ready to harvest.

We have been advised that the current % colour of the instant turf is:

Sir Walter Buffalo 90% colour (from NSW)

Legend Couch 60% colour

Legend/Rye 100%

Wintergreen/Rye 100%

Santa Ana 80%

Kikuyu 60%

Village Green Kikuyu 90%

RTF Tall Fescue 90%

Easicare Tall Fescue 100%

It is best for you to give us a call to discuss which type of turf  would be best for you.

If you are not ready to order yet, just keep our info and give us a call in Spring. Alternatively, if you provide email  (click here) by sending us your details, we  will  send you an email when the weather warms up to let you know when the drought tolerant turfs are ready to install. Enjoy the typical Melbourne weather :)

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Instant Turf Review Update

Warm Season Grasses (Drought Tolerant)

Turfs such as Buffalo, Kikuyu and Couch are nearly all full colour due to the warmer weather we have been experiencing.

Sir Walter Buffalo (approx 100% colour)

Premium Legend Couch (approx 90% colour)

Santa Ana Couch (approx 100% colour)

Kikuyu (approx 90% colour)

Wintergreen – not currently available

Cool Season Grasses (Evergreen)

The Cool Season turfs such as Easicare Fescue and RTF are green all year around. It is important to water your Fescue grasses regularly to make sure that they stay green and to prevent them dying in the warmer Summer months

RTF (100% colour)

Easicare Fescue (100% colour)

Blue Blend Premium (Bluegrass/Rye) – a new crop has been planted, but may not be available until the new year. If you would really like this grass, you can always ring us to check with the Turf Farm how the crop is progressing.

To check on current prices of these grasses check out our webpage The Green Centre. If you have any queries, please give us a call on 9331 5300.

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Excessive Rain……

Good old Melbourne …………….. over the past couple of days we have had quite a lot of rain and it is still coming down like “cats & dogs”.

I just wanted to make a couple of notes here as some of you may have queries about when there is rain on either newly installed or established turf.

It is important to set up your lawn area to drain before laying new turf. There is usually no problems with excessive rain on your turf. If you are finding that there is a lot of rain on you turf, you will not need to water it until it starts to dry out again. The best way to check this for newly installed turf is to push your finger down between the joins to see whether it is moist or dry. Rain will not usually cause any harm to your turf.

Hope that helps!! :)

Newly installed turf, make sure you wait until it dries out a bit before you water it again.

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